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Gene Butler Band: Bio


    I was born in Macon, Georgia....home to great people and great music.  The Allman Brothers, Otis Redding, Little Richard and Jason Aldean are among the musicians who hailed from, or started in, my home town.  When I was a small boy I used to see the famous Little Richard walk the streets of Macon; in big hair and full make-up.  His mother lived above a liquor store about two blocks from where I lived.  When he walked, you could see the music in his step, the voice in his face, and the coolness in his style.  Music was all around me and I tried as hard as I could to be around all the music. I think Gospel music in the black churches had the biggest influence on me.  I would sit outside one of the black churches, as close to the doors as possible, and listen to their Sunday services.  When their choir would sing and their church-goers sing along, I was lifted so high that I knew, even at the age of eight, that this was about as high as the human  soul could get while still on this earth and drug-free.  Since then I've strived to sing what I hear and write what I feel.  And even though I've fallen short of that many times, the few times I have reached that goal, has kept me going forward, regardless of any famed achieved, or money earned.  And that's about it.  I know that in a normal bio have I'm supposed to list the things I would consider to be my best credits: like my recordings, awards, concerts, experiences and so on and so forth....but....whatever I've accomplished, or have tried to accomplish, it all comes down to the songs and the music I've written....and whether you, the listener, get a moment or two from it.  And that's better than any bio I might attempt to write, or, ask that you read.

                                Sincerely....gene butler